Ball Python Facts – Learning about this royal snake

The Royal Python, or the Ball Python never fail to fascinate people. This kind of snake is never venomous at all. As compared to other kinds of Pythons, it may be timid. This is why they do not bite that much – or if they did, there is only a very rare case of it. This is only one of the Ball Python facts that you have to learn. There are still many.

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Describing a Ball Python

A common ball python may reach up until 4.5 feet long. This one kind of snake specie is not very wild in nature. There are types of them which may be of a foot, or even two. However, there is always an exemption when it comes to this rule. Their small head can also be very smooth. These come with scales which are just along their belly. These also go with their wide girth. There is a ton of power connected directly to their whole body. This is for sure.

They can be dark brown, or even black when it comes to color. Their colored belly is cream in color. This goes with areas which are also black. They also have visible tan lines, sometimes, they can be gold too. There are some locations which may be observed with this. Most of the time, the coloring would depend upon where they are from. The idea in here is to let the colors blend the surrounding area.

In Africa, the said Python is known to be the smallest. They would always stay in most wooded areas. The same is also true with savannahs and even that of grasslands. Moving to various locations in order to find food would also be possible. Most likely, they would stay on the ground. However, occasionally, they would somehow go to trees and even water. Needless to say, natural habitat may be their comfort place. They have been dominating such more and more and this is how it has been. All over the world, they are now living. There has been a growing trade for this pet around the place. This is for sure.

What is the behavior of the said snake? The snake has the ability to offer a unique defense. This is one of their mechanisms. Usually, whenever they feel threatened, they will roll up into a big ball. Afterwards, they will roll away. They can also hiss whenever someone is about to attack them. They will do this until the threat is no longer visible. They will definitely hide in the said burrows. They also do this through holes. There are tons of living things seen in the ground.

The main part of the Ball Python’s diet is comprise of Rodents. They can also consume birds, however, only small species of them. The prey may always be consumed into a larger or same size. They are very much selective when it comes to the food they eat. Their mouth will bypass until they are content with what they see. This is how they have always been.