Looking Closer at Life – Hernando Cortes Facts

Hernan Cortes was popular for being a Spanish conquistador who was responsible for overthrowing the empire of Aztec. He got to win Mexico against the then, strong crown of the Spaniards. Cortes, as many of his Hernando Cortes facts would also tell, was born in the year 1485. Exact date was still yet to be discovered. He was then an explorer who emerged triumphant over the empire of Aztec. This was the time when he got to have possession over Mexico, fighting for Spain The first sailing of set was in the New World. This occurred when he was only19 years old. Later that time, he joined an expedition going to Cuba.

During his early years, he took part in seeking his fortune concerning the New World. He was a real traveler. As a matter of fact, he got to conquer and expedite on the islands of Hispaniola. This was the time when he was able to set in new tons involving Azua. It was then that Cortes served and worked as a notary for various years now. He became a part of this Cuba expedition which was then fore fronted by Diego Vezquez. This happened in the year 1511. It was during that time when Cortes worked and became part of the civil government. It marked his start of serving the mayor known as Santiago for quite some time.

The Aztecs were also conquered as well. Cortes was then in his command for the whole expedition. This was directed towards Mexico. But then, at some point, Velazquezed had to cancel the undertaking. Cortes did not follow. Instead, he ignored the entire order. He still sailed somewhere around Mexico and he came off with like 500 men. There were 11 ships around that time that failed the endeavor. When February 1519 suddenly came, the expedition was able to head and reach their destination. This involved the so called Mexican coast.

Cortes then allied with other native people he was able to stumble upon. However, even if this was the case, there would still some who would rather utilize deadly force in order for Mexico to have conquered and possession. He then had to fight against Tiaxacan. This was also against the warriors of Cholula. Sights were set during this time. This was the signal to take over the empire of Aztec. He then got to be a merchant over Tenochtitlan. The capital of Aztec and it was also the home of the Montezuma II rulers. He hostage Cortes and the soldiers had to really raid the entire city. The city was then left after learning has taken place. The troops came in to the arrest of most disobeying orders. These and more are somehow evident up to this date.

Spanish forces were in face off as they see this is as a rebellion in the whole progress. The Aztecs had to drive the Spaniards away from the established city. This was the time when Cortes had to return in order for the defeat to be studied upon.