Take a Look at Justin Bieber’s House – Surprisingly Minimalist!

For a young man whose net worth is over $200 million, he’s not exactly shy about flaunting his expensive taste. He and his crew rented a luxurious 5-bedroom mansion in Mosman, Sydney. He calls this place his home while he is on tour. The motif of the mansion is white and black with elegant furnishings.

Justin Bieber’s House

The waterfront property is valued at $1.2 million in 1996. It has several spacious rooms with floor to ceiling windows that provide an awesome view of the Sydney Harbour.

Justin Bieber’s House

This house has a modern aesthetic design. It has minimalist furniture made of dark hard wood. There is emphasis on space yet it has an elegant vibe to it.

Justin Bieber’s House

One of the relaxing features of the house is the outdoor pool that wraps around the perimeter of the house. The floor to ceiling windows allow natural indoor lighting.

Justin Bieber’s House

Most of the furnishings are in black with silver cushions and pillows to contrast. It gives such a classic, expensive feel against an all-white backdrop.

Justin Bieber’s House

The living room looks very welcoming in its all-white walls, white cushioned sofa and black trimmed details. The wooden coffee tables are in dark taupe matching the hardwood flooring.

Justin Bieber’s House

An elegant dark black shelf lines one wall of the living room which showcases accessories in a mix of black and white.

Justin Bieber’s House

You’d like to stay in all day if you had a bedroom like this. Gray carpet, light colored wood side table and black lamp and table in the corner add the accents in this all-white room.

Justin Bieber’s House

The bathroom is a showcase of modern amenities. It has a shower with a marbled wall and glass partitions. A wooden bathtub is placed next to a floor to ceiling window.

Justin Bieber’s House

This modern wooden bath tub is situated beside a picture window. It gives you a view of a wooden bench outside and tiered greenery with white painted walls.

Justin Bieber’s House

This fabulous artwork serves as a conversation piece placed in one of the corners of the house. Behind it is a huge picture window that gives you the outside view of the multi-level garden.

Snooki’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Images Showed How Much She Changed

Snooki was born Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi in Santiago, Chile in 1997. She was adopted at six months old and grew up in New Jersey. Snooki first appeared in the reality TV show Is She Really Going Out with Him?, but rose to fame when she became part of another reality TV series, which is Jersey Shore. The once full figured petite celebrity lost a lot of weight and some changes can be seen on Snooki’s before and after plastic surgery photos.

Snooki Before and After

This was how Snooki looked like on the first season of the Jersey Shore, where she rose to fame and became one of the most popular casts of the series.

Snooki Before and After

She was petite standing 4 feet and 8 inches, but she had a bold and crazy personality, which she became famous for.

Snooki Before and After

Snooki announced her pregnancy in 2012 and gave birth to her first child in August of the same year. The star gained extra weight during her pregnancy.

Snooki Before and After

Five months after giving birth, she flaunted a fitter physique, which people speculated was due to weight loss surgery. Snooki denied these rumors.

Snooki Before and After

Snooki insisted that her weight loss was not due to surgery but because of her strict diet and extensive workouts.

Snooki Before and After

It was five months after giving birth when she showed her post pregnancy body, which was more toned and it suited her.

Snooki Before and After

She may have denied having weight loss surgery, but she was open about wanting to have breast implants because her boobs sagged after giving birth.

Snooki Before and After

She finally decided to have breast implants in 2016 and she is happy and satisfied with her bigger and fuller breasts, which are cup C.

Snooki Before and After

She also admitted to having lip injections and she even shared a snap of the procedure to her fans online.

Snooki Before and After

This before and after photo shows just how fuller her pout is after the procedure on her lips was done.

Children and Asthma: Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Childhood Asthma

It is frightening for a parent to watch her child struggling to breathe; understanding the triggers and causes of childhood asthma can help alleviate symptoms.

Symptoms vary and can appear as young as 6 months old or as old as the early teen years. Children with asthma tend to ‘grow out’ of the disease slowly and it may disappear by the age of 20 years, though relapses can occur later on.


A recent medical study suggests that stress during pregnancy may increase the risk of the unborn child developing asthma or other allergies. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that both genetics and environment affect the unborn child. Baby’s exposed to maternal stress showed higher levels of Immunoglobulin E (IgE) which is linked to allergies and asthma.

asthma_2312065b-large_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqpJliwavx4coWFCaEkEsb3kvxIt-lGGWCWqwLa_RXJU8.jpg (619×387)

Research also shows that children whose parents smoke are twice as likely to develop asthma. Additionally, pregnant women who smoke or are exposed to second hand smoke tend to have children with narrower airways, increasing their chance of developing asthma.

70% of asthmatics also have food allergies which can trigger symptoms. In children, a good indicator of food allergies is when a child consistently refuses to eat a certain food or complains that it makes their mouth feel ‘fuzzy’ or ‘funny.’


Medications: Proper use of medications can control symptoms and prevent attacks. There are two types of prescription medications, long-term care controller medications (Anti-inflammatory) and fast acting reliever medications (bronchodilator).

  • Anti-inflammatories are taken even when there are no symptoms and are important to prevent or decrease attacks. Treatment includes oral or inhaled corticosteroids which help reduce inflammation and mast cell stabilizers that reduce triggers. However, controller medications will NOT ease symptoms during an attack.
  • Bronchodilators provide relief when an asthma attack occurs by relaxing and opening up muscles around the airways. These can be given in an injection or by inhalers or puffers. However, overuse and relying only on these to get through an asthma attack will not prevent or control symptoms and can even make them worse as the body gets used to the medication.

Reliever medications will not prevent or reduce the incidence of asthma attacks. Children with asthma rely heavily on bronchodilators (ventolin inhalers) for relief when they feel an attack coming on. It is important that parents administer controller medication to control asthma symptoms and prevent children from being dependent on bronchodilators.

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent and Reduce Asthma Symptoms

An effective asthma treatment plan include daily life-style changes as well as medications. A healthy, balanced diet is especially important because long-term steroid medication use can cause bone loss and mineral deficiencies, particularly in growing children. Additonally, some medications used to treat asthma symptoms can cause nervousness.

Give your child 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day: antioxidants in these foods cleanse the body of toxins and help prevent asthma attacks. A study at King’s College and the University of Southampton found that apples have an especially protective function against asthma. Vitamin C in citrus fruits and orange juice also helps to boost the immune system and reduces symptoms.

  • Chicken broth, vegetable soup and other fluids help thin bronchial mucus and soothe inflammation in the lungs.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid: Foods rich in omega-3 such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines counter inflammation and soothe the lungs. Try supplements if your child’s diet is lacking omega-3.
  • Coffee and tea act as natural bronchial muscle relaxers; in older children and teens a few sips may help prevent or even stop mild asthma attacks.

Avoid allergens that can trigger or worsen asthma symptoms. A food journal and tests by a family physician can determine what allergens and foods affect your child. Spring Cleaning will reduce allergens in your home and child’s bedroom by getting rid of carpets and heavy drapes and furniture. Was bedding and pillows in hot water with a natural dust mite repellent such as eucalyptus oil. Get rid of mildew and mold by controlling the humidity in your home and opening windows for fresh air.

  • Breathing right: during an attack, asthmatics often panic and hyperventilate, breathing too quickly and using their neck and upper chest muscles only. This further decreases the amount of oxygen being transported into the body. Breathing techniques decrease ventilation levels when they are short of breath and breathe through the nose keeping the stomach and diaphragm relaxed. Other breathing exercises include posture and holding the breath for short intervals. Children should be taught this and breathing techniques should be used along with needed medications during an asthma attack.
  • Low-stamina exercise, such as walking outdoors provides a breath of fresh air and strengthens the lungs. Swimming is a well known treatment for asthma as it forces controlled breathing. Keep your child indoors during periods of very hot or cold weather, high humidity and pollution.

Facts about Helen Keller – Why is she remembered?

Helen Keller will always be a remembered American author, lecturer and as well as a political analyst. Her contributions in the world of literature will never be forgotten; hence, it will be studied again and again by future generations. This is for certain. She used to be a crusader as well. She did this for the handicapped. She was born normal, physically speaking in Alabama – Tuscumbia to be exact. However, eventually, she lost her sense of seeing and even hearing when she was nineteen months. This happened because of an illness that struck her. Such disease was called the scarlet fever. This is always included in facts about Helen Keller.

Helen_Keller.jpg (980×1286)

It was inventor Alexander Graham Bell who suggested that she be brought to the Perkins Institute five years later when she was born. The mentioned institute was meant for the Blind in Boston. This was a chance for her to learn through a teacher. From then on, the school hired someone in the name of Anne Mansfield Sullivan. Needless to say, Sullivan took charge in giving her extraordinary instructions. This was the reason why the little girl did into have a hard time comprehending and communicating. The got to include herself in the world. She was even able to acquire an excellent education for herself. This is another. The relevant influence and treatment for the deaf and blind was also unfolded during such stage in her life. This really contributed to her well-being as an individual.

Needless to say, Keller being able to read and write can be attributed to the wonders of her teacher, Sullivan. Hand signals were also utilized this time. This was intended for deaf-mute and she could understand just like that through a touch. She also went by through her efforts to speaking. However, this was not that successful. Regardless though, the assistance of an interpreter made everything possible. She got to have this during public appearances. This was the main reason why she could be understood without any hard time at all, which is pretty useful. Even if she was in a very hard condition, Keller was able to emerge triumphant as an organizer, educator and even that of a fund-raiser. Her contribution to this was enormous. As a matter of fact, she found herself responsible for the tenfold of advances which were set to be public services intended for most handicapped.

Afterwards, Keller found herself studying at the schools meant for the deaf. This was also situated in Boston, as well as that in New York City. As a matter of fact, she graduated with flying colors – cum laude at the Radcliffe College in the year 1904. Her accomplishments to overcome her disabilities turned her into a celebrity during that time. She was still very young. At the age of twelve, she got to publish an autobiographical sketch. This was in parallel with the Youth’s Companion. Her very first book was also published when she was still in junior year at Radcliffe. It was entitled The Story of My Life.

Ball Python Facts – Learning about this royal snake

The Royal Python, or the Ball Python never fail to fascinate people. This kind of snake is never venomous at all. As compared to other kinds of Pythons, it may be timid. This is why they do not bite that much – or if they did, there is only a very rare case of it. This is only one of the Ball Python facts that you have to learn. There are still many.

ball-python-morph-2-.jpg (500×375)

Describing a Ball Python

A common ball python may reach up until 4.5 feet long. This one kind of snake specie is not very wild in nature. There are types of them which may be of a foot, or even two. However, there is always an exemption when it comes to this rule. Their small head can also be very smooth. These come with scales which are just along their belly. These also go with their wide girth. There is a ton of power connected directly to their whole body. This is for sure.

They can be dark brown, or even black when it comes to color. Their colored belly is cream in color. This goes with areas which are also black. They also have visible tan lines, sometimes, they can be gold too. There are some locations which may be observed with this. Most of the time, the coloring would depend upon where they are from. The idea in here is to let the colors blend the surrounding area.

In Africa, the said Python is known to be the smallest. They would always stay in most wooded areas. The same is also true with savannahs and even that of grasslands. Moving to various locations in order to find food would also be possible. Most likely, they would stay on the ground. However, occasionally, they would somehow go to trees and even water. Needless to say, natural habitat may be their comfort place. They have been dominating such more and more and this is how it has been. All over the world, they are now living. There has been a growing trade for this pet around the place. This is for sure.

What is the behavior of the said snake? The snake has the ability to offer a unique defense. This is one of their mechanisms. Usually, whenever they feel threatened, they will roll up into a big ball. Afterwards, they will roll away. They can also hiss whenever someone is about to attack them. They will do this until the threat is no longer visible. They will definitely hide in the said burrows. They also do this through holes. There are tons of living things seen in the ground.

The main part of the Ball Python’s diet is comprise of Rodents. They can also consume birds, however, only small species of them. The prey may always be consumed into a larger or same size. They are very much selective when it comes to the food they eat. Their mouth will bypass until they are content with what they see. This is how they have always been.

Looking Closer at Life – Hernando Cortes Facts

Hernan Cortes was popular for being a Spanish conquistador who was responsible for overthrowing the empire of Aztec. He got to win Mexico against the then, strong crown of the Spaniards. Cortes, as many of his Hernando Cortes facts would also tell, was born in the year 1485. Exact date was still yet to be discovered. He was then an explorer who emerged triumphant over the empire of Aztec. This was the time when he got to have possession over Mexico, fighting for Spain The first sailing of set was in the New World. This occurred when he was only19 years old. Later that time, he joined an expedition going to Cuba.

During his early years, he took part in seeking his fortune concerning the New World. He was a real traveler. As a matter of fact, he got to conquer and expedite on the islands of Hispaniola. This was the time when he was able to set in new tons involving Azua. It was then that Cortes served and worked as a notary for various years now. He became a part of this Cuba expedition which was then fore fronted by Diego Vezquez. This happened in the year 1511. It was during that time when Cortes worked and became part of the civil government. It marked his start of serving the mayor known as Santiago for quite some time.

The Aztecs were also conquered as well. Cortes was then in his command for the whole expedition. This was directed towards Mexico. But then, at some point, Velazquezed had to cancel the undertaking. Cortes did not follow. Instead, he ignored the entire order. He still sailed somewhere around Mexico and he came off with like 500 men. There were 11 ships around that time that failed the endeavor. When February 1519 suddenly came, the expedition was able to head and reach their destination. This involved the so called Mexican coast.

Cortes then allied with other native people he was able to stumble upon. However, even if this was the case, there would still some who would rather utilize deadly force in order for Mexico to have conquered and possession. He then had to fight against Tiaxacan. This was also against the warriors of Cholula. Sights were set during this time. This was the signal to take over the empire of Aztec. He then got to be a merchant over Tenochtitlan. The capital of Aztec and it was also the home of the Montezuma II rulers. He hostage Cortes and the soldiers had to really raid the entire city. The city was then left after learning has taken place. The troops came in to the arrest of most disobeying orders. These and more are somehow evident up to this date.

Spanish forces were in face off as they see this is as a rebellion in the whole progress. The Aztecs had to drive the Spaniards away from the established city. This was the time when Cortes had to return in order for the defeat to be studied upon.